Megan Moss

EDPS 590E Effective Differentiation Strategies

Application of what I plan to Implement in Home Schooling.

My son is 10 years old and has never enjoyed school.  His favorite subjects have always been recess and lunch (he loves food, especially sweets.)  For this coming year I offered him the option of home schooling.  Although we have not determined whether we will home school or not (we are waiting to see which teacher he is assigned to), I am gathering information and materials so that I will be ready in case that is the route we chose.  I have a feeling it will be a challenge no matter what as he has been diagnosed with ADD (though I am not sure whether the diagnosis is accurate) and has a hard time sitting still and focusing unless it is something he is very interested in.  His main objective is to do the least amount of "school" possible.

For this part of the course requirement I have developed a web site with information and links that will serve as a resource and guideline for us in the home schooling process.  I have looked at the majority of the web links, and have read many of the articles, but have not thoroughly reviewed every one, as I mean this to be a resource, and not our actual curriculum or even our definite methods.

Our Plan
Step 1 - Determine if Michael will benefit from teaching methods and techniques geared toward Visual-Spatial (VS) Learners.  Although Michael exhibits many of the traits of a VS, it is difficult to say if the definition fits him entirely,  In any case, we will review the teaching options in various areas. Visual Spatial/ADD/Spirited Child Resources

Step 2 - Research the materials and curriculum available using the library, the Internet, the local home schooling group Dekalb Area Schoolers at Home (DASH) and the Fort Wayne Home Schooling Group.  Decide on which materials we will start out with and develop our curriculum from that.  I plan on picking up a printed version of the Indiana Academic Standards from our school.  Curriculum & Materials Resources

Step 3 - Determine a schedule and goals, including how many days a week we will school, and when we will take breaks/time off.  Schedule and Goals Resources

Step 4 - Start home schooling, allowing enough flexibility to change those things that are not working, and incorporate more of those things that are.  I haven't created a resource guide for this step, as it is covered in the other steps.  I would plan on participating in several discussion forums to bounce ideas off of other home schooling parents and learn from them.